21 november 2009

Interview with Architects

Band: Architects


By: Fleur Huijsdens

So, this is/was a great year for you! You did Some of the biggest tours yet starting by supporting Parkway Drive with their DVD tour in Australia! Then headlining the UK with the NSD club tour , and co-headlining Europe!

How did you experienced to headline the NSD club tour in the UK?
Its Awesome, its one of the biggest shows we’ve done. I got really good response. We had fun! I­t was cool with such a stong line up underneath us. All American and Canadian bands. It was awesome. A lots of fun!

Can you see a difference between the UK - and the European crowd?
Yes, we do better in the UK. In Europe we came kind of slow. We’ve been here already 6 times! But the European kids are more enthusiastic i think the UK is like a bit spoiled music wise. They have seen us for so many times and they are like ohh going to see Architects again. But i like playing in bouth places for a quit of difference reasons. In Europe they got hardley no barriers so you have more interaction with the crowd. That’s always a lot more fun then being so far away from the kids. But i love Europe and UK.

If you compare your band with the other bands involved in this tour what do you think is the biggest difference and the biggest similarity?
I think probably the fact that ‘A ghost inside’ and us are Hardcore bands. We play fast and we have a havier sound then the other bands in this tour. They are a bit more metal then us so i think we stand out. We have to walk extra hard.

What do you think about the word ‘genre’? Does it have any meaning to you, or music in general, these days?
i don’t know its difficult to pick our sound of music and compare it to the other bands in this tour. Really difference. You can not put just one genre on one band. Especialy when youre always changing. About us they say were a metalcore band. But we’re not a metalcore band we’re a harcore band. We’re just kind of in between. Its difficult.

You did a guest appereance on BMTH’s Suicide Season, how did this happen?
We are already good friends with BMTH. Especialy me and Ollie. We went up to his house like a week or two before they went to Sweden. And Ollie was saying that he wanted me to do some vocals on Suicide Season. I was completely up for it. A couple of days later when i was on AIM he was like hey I booked you a flight to Sweden. So i went to Sweden. Stayed there for like two week and recorded and then flew home. It was awesome! It was a really good time Chilling out with those guys.

How was the Epitaph Records tour alongside Every Time I Die, Bring Me The Horizon, and Oh, Sleeper!
Yes we did that with them! Just before this tour. We were second on in the end. We supposed to be first on and we kind of swooped so we were on second and it was awesome its always fun hanging out with those guys. It was an awesome tour!

How the name Architects came up, because you had several other band names before?
Yes, we had ‘Counting the days’ before but that was before I was in the band. Tim just came up with it. Tim said how about to call ourselves Architects. We didn’t wanted a typical metal band name like blood, dying, corps. We wanted something that was just straight up.

Are you already writing new material?
Yes! We have a bunch of new songs and after this tour we’re going home and write more. Then we’re going to finish our next record. It will be out next year! I’m stoked!

What is the last thing you do before you go on stage?
I’m normally pretty drunk when I’m on stage. I have to have a few drinks before I can go on stage.

From what time on is it ok to drink beer when you’re on tour?
uhmmm… it is… as soon the doors are open.

Once you had a David Bowie shirt on when you were playing a show! That’s awesome! What other music do you listen besides metal?
I had! I like the band called ‘The Cure’ I listen to them a lot. I obviously like ‘Morrissey’ as well. I grew up with that kind of music because of my dad. And ‘The Beatles’. Other then that, the main kind of music I listen to is really relaxed like: Explosions in the Sky stuff like that. And on the other side I listen to ‘Trapped under ice’, ‘A Ghost Inside’ all these fast hardcore bands. But I can listen to everything.
Glad someone picked op on that Bowie shirt! Awesome

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